Heavy Duty Wire Rope Hoist

  • Available in 1 ton to 10 tons capacity, with spark proof wire rope hoist also
  • Truly modular construction for easily accessible separate break, motor, drum,gearbox & panel unit
  • Unique & sturdy rope guide arrangement for preventing rope stacking & easy change of rope
  • Fail safe discbrake for trouble free operation & easy to adjustment.
  • Available with pull push trolley, geared trolley. electric trolley In Capacity of 500Kg to 10 ton
  • "INDEF" is manufacturer of heavy-duty wire rope hoists with WRH-LWRH-II & WRH-III capacity of 1 to 10 tons
  • "INDEF" Introduce new -NW" series wire rope hoist for heavy - duty work with speed variation